Buck Jones 5.1


an electro-acoustic surround-sound opera in perpetual progress by

Navarro and Stamps


Buck Jones is a buffet of vignettes set in a western themed family

steakhouse located between a highway interchange and a

suburban node.

The stage should present a dining room, buffet and kitchen line. The décor is in the

vein of the western frontier- rugged, split from brush, bound in rope and barbed wire. It is

a technically correct application of a corporate design standard. The world traveler would

see the same interior in Tokyo as in Tucson. It is stylized and remote from the reality of

landscape and history. A saguaro cactus is present on stage in some iteration. It becomes

relevant in the third act when Buck tells his story so it should be located accordingly.

Customers move about freely, visiting the buffet, going to the restroom. Waitresses

circulate among the tables. There is constant motion on stage except in scenes where a

character steps outside of time. Otherwise, realistic action should be portrayed. Highly

stylized choreography should be avoided.

The props should be the most commercially available versions of things like a push

vac, dishes, uniforms, clothing. The food should be piled high with plenty of baked

potatoes and meat.

Buck Jones Dress Code

The waitresses can wear skirts or slacks. A button down shirt, long or short sleeve,

with logo and proper name tag will be worn at all times. A kerchief and apron are optional.

No sneakers or high heels. At the discretion of the manager, waitresses may be asked to

wear hairnets. Managers and manager trainees will wear slacks, button down shirt and

tie. Cooks will wear whatever they want but no slogans or logos other than Buck Jones.

Scene Index

Act 1- Breakfast

As Ann rolls silverware, she thinks of her unborn child. Tom, the salesman, comes in to

pitch the miracle breakfast product Break-O-Day. Waitresses talk and drink coffee. When

the restaurant opens, a flurry of voices and activity ensues. Ann chats with Mr. And Mrs.

Burns. Chlorene has a moment to herself. Tanya waits on a poet.

Act 2- Lunch

Manuel, a busser, observes Marlene and Angelica at their daily ritual meal. The cooks and

Tanya take a smoke break. Henry gets them all back to work. A pair of travelers arrives.

McKay explodes in rage over his lunch order. The travelers talk with Rick before they

leave. As Marlene and Angelica gather their things, Manuel reminds them of

the birthday song.

Act 3- Dinner

Gus decides a meal is the thing. Customers become a chorus. A farmer and his wife have

dessert and talk business. Steve works his first shift as a management trainee. Buck

makes a promotional appearance. As the evening ends, the customers and staff depart,

leaving Clifford to sweep the floor.

Act I, Audio Sample (stereo)

First scene complete, the rest is just orchestrated

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Contact me at jackwstamps@gmail.com

if you are interested in performing a role.

This piece has been put on hold due to some commissions

but I hope to get it going again soon. This piece is a REAL passion of mine and can’t wait to finish it. But, in a way, I am glad I am taking my time with it.

Keep in touch.

Jack & John

Act II, Audio Samples (stereo)

of orchestration only

Scene 1-



Scene 2-

Slam City

Smoke Break

Scene 3-

The Captain

Scene 3-

Autonomads 1