Wildflowers: A Performed Lecture


for Baritone-Lecturer, Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin,

Cello, Percussion & PowerPoint Presentation

Click to download PDF of full score

Click to view a special YouTube version of the piece in HD, which depicts the point of view of the PowerPoint presentation itself, being setup and executed during the performed lecture:

Performed by the UT Austin New Music Ensemble,

Bruce Pennycook, acting director

Brian Pettey, Baritone

WILDFLOWERS: A PERFORMED LECTURE was written in a contemplative period, far away from school and between degrees. It is a reflection of the euphoria experienced during the blooming of wildflowers in springtime-- feelings amplified by the many days commuting on highway 71, between Austin and Bastrop, Texas, alongside exploding swatches of breathtaking color and boundless variance. The piece was written as a sort of academic lecture on South Texas wildflowers, wherein the lecturer slowly becomes overwhelmed by the beauty of the subject matter and slips from his comfortable, familiar grasp on what is otherwise, a very dry and stale PowerPoint presentation, likely given countless times before.

There is a deeper narrative reflective of the attempts to reconcile my feelings about academia, the study of music composition, loving the audience and my belief in the importance of staying true to one’s passions and inclinations.

The piece, coincidentally, was finished the day Lady Bird Johnson passed away. Her tireless support of environmental preservation has always been a real inspiration to me.